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F&P - My Very First Flash F&P - My Very First Flash

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

A pleasure to watch

I haven't reviewed a movie in a while, but I picked yours out from the Judgment list because, I wont lie, it looked like an easy blam point. So I decided just to give it a chance, as I usually do, and boy, you surprised me.

The drawing was nice, the animation was impressive, the voice acting was top notch and just the general humour value was brilliant. The plot was moderately original, and the characters were funny, with great timing. You obviously have a creative mind, and a lot of potential. If you are serious about making Flash movies, I wouldn't be surprised if you gained some popularity very quickly with similar Flashes to these, as I think this is just what the Newgrounds audience is after: Some good art with some good one-liners after a hard day of doing whatever Newgrounders do. Good luck with any future work you do.

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Haihaine responds:

Wow, that was a text-book example of an encouraging review. Thanks =]

I have quite a few ideas for more episodes of similar length and style. Hopefully I can make a new one once in a while! Unfortunately I don't exactly have unlimited time, but this will certainly not be my last flash!

Sprite Tutorial V 2.0 Sprite Tutorial V 2.0

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Good, but...

A useful tutorial, maybe not original, but a worthy submission no doubt. A little complaint that I have is the grammer and punctuation. Less "u"s, more "you"s, capitalisation and no smileys mid sentence make grammar nazis like me protect. 3/5. GLITCH: When clicking on creator bio and returning to the menu, the song plays twice. Oh and side-note, I was just in the audio portal listened to that song and came back to Flash and heard it again. Big coincidence.

crazygamer008 responds:

haha yea i just fixed that so =D im glad to see its doing better than my first one i will make a much much better one sometime im glad u liked it though

Lord of the Clocks pt. 1b Lord of the Clocks pt. 1b

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

You're different

Ah, if only all clock movies were like this. Newgrounds would be a better place. Don't get me wrong, some movies made by Clock users are pretty good - 3 and 4 worthy sometimes. But the majority of it is just daily spam, sent to annoy other users.
Perhaps you could reduce this somehow, that way you would have a better name for yourself. Instead of a gang of crappy "artists" who make a 3 or 4 frame clip with a B and a flashing background, giving away free blam points, you would be seen as a friendlly bunch of people where every submit would mean a good laugh for everybody. Consider that. I would also like to explain my scores a little more.

Graphics: Some very flashy work their, some of the best I've ever seen.
Style: A great and an original way to make a movie.
Sound: The music was a treat and the voices were well put down.
Violence: There wasn't really any apart from the torture scene.
Interactivity: A few good buttons
Humour: Some of the jokes, especially the ones containing Newgrounds were a giggle.

Altogether, I was expecting this to be a pathetic attempt showing Strawberry Clock and B over and over, but this actually deserved to be here. Like I said before, I was never expecting a Clock user to pull this off, but you've done it. If i never have to blam another "BBBBBRULZLOLURGAY" again, I will accept the Clocks, enjoy your movies, and share a good time around the Internet.

Until then I'm afraid that I'll have to still stay "Anti-Clock" to some users that persist on being unwanted users (eg. spamming all reviews and always saying "Strawberry Clock is the King Of the Portal")

But enough of my die-hard self-rules. I cant belive I'm saying "Well done" to a Clock but well done for giving me an enjoyable Lord of the Rings spoof and for helping to change my mind about some of the Clock Users.


_Clock vs Madness War_ _Clock vs Madness War_

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Decent for a TOTW

Like a recent Turd of the Week review I wrote, the idea was good, but it was too quick, and a bit random. Linkin Park - In The End is one of my favourite songs, but it could have been used a little better. Like I said before it was a bit quick. If you had alowed it down and added more detail, then it might not have been a Turd of the Week. I'm going to explain my scores because like the movie, they are a bit random.

Graphics: Needs a little bit more detail, but pretty average.
Style: Good ideas, just not shown clearly enough.
Sound: My favourite song was in there, but could have been used better.
Violence: There was a little.
Interactivity: Hated that preloader.
Humour: Jack squat.

Overall: A decent attempt. One thing though, I hate Clocks. I guess, like mosquitos, they are just something you have to ignore.

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Simon Slaughters ep.1... Simon Slaughters ep.1...

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Another review from me

I'l review all your movies. But only if you respond to them all!

Graphics - Best work yet
Style - Good plot and everything. Just a bit short.
Sound - Not bad, but it wasn't my type.
Violence - I could tell it was GOING to get violent!
Interactivity - You tried to link to with your preloader.
Humour - The end was the funniest part

Pretty good. I'd say Splee Ad is better (For obvious reasons) but you are a decent Flash Artist.

sweex20 responds:

Hello TheDarkPaladin,

thank you for your review. I'm happy to see you enjoyed my flash. I will respond to every single review you post, not just becouse i love getting reviews but in my opinion it would be rude if you let people tell how your movie is but don't respond. (maybe i should hope never get in the top 50 or frondpage =) would be alot of responding).

hehe if you didn't liked the sound you would be disapointed watching the secound part wich you can find under the autors name figlio nobile.

I must agree, Splee Ad is better. i would like to hear your obvious reasons thou =) im curious

i thank you again for your review wich gave me an idea... lets make part 3. of SS series! THANKS!



p.s. if found any mistakes like in spelling or grammar... don't pay any attention to it ^^

you own my heart! you own my heart!

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Hi again!

Hi again! I thought I would see your other submissions as you have made me happy with 'Splee Ad'. How you been? Oh, whoops - I better get back to the reviewing!

Graphics - Well animated, nice drawing.
Style - Pretty cool on V day. Not a big fan of SBC though.
Sound - Loved the song. I heard it in RAB7. It aint mine though! ;)
Violence - Again, total whack.
Interactivity - I'm being pretty kind...
Humour - Very mild.

Overall - It's OK but I guess I should have watched it when it was Valentines Day. Oh well.

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sweex20 responds:

^^ hello again TheDarkPaladin!!

i'm happy you where happy by seeing Splee Ad

i'm glad you liked the music and thanks for the compliment about graphics (i see it as a compliment) and you are very kind indeed XD

it was very swell on valentines day ^^ it would have been better, more expanded and funnier if i had more time to make it... but i had only about 7 hours so =\
(totaly forgot it valentines Day =\)

i hope i will see you again,



FinalFantasy:Newgrounds 2 FinalFantasy:Newgrounds 2

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

More of the good stuff!

This is pretty much what I said in my review for the prequel about 10 minutes ago. You've got to keep this going man. That was such a cliffhanger at the end. You said 'To be continued', so get to work or somebody will do...Something...Really you!

FinalFantasy:NewGrounds FinalFantasy:NewGrounds

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very funny!

I loved how everything tied in! My favourite part was when Tom Fulp came in. Imagine a B2...Makes me shiver thinking about it. Well like I said, I loved this, so I'm now going to watch Episode 2. Seeya!

Splee Ad. Splee Ad.

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Pretty cool.

Not bad. I liked the way you used my music. I didn't like the way you cut half of it out though! I dont mind though. Well, anyway, back to the reviewing!

Graphics: Average all the way.
Style: It's kinda hard to explain this bit.
Sound: YOU USED MY MUSIC!!! 10!!111. </Noob>
Violence: Total whack.
Interactivity: There was a play and replay button...
Humour: Averagely funny.

Overall: Not a bad attempt. Fix up the voice and the graphics a little and you could have a real piece of work on your hands! Another way to get a few fives: Keep putting my music on your Flash. It feels great to have my sounds in somebodys Flash!

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sweex20 responds:

^^ thanks for your review! its the best of all NG... reviews =)
ive cutted all your song up to little pieces cos the power of the beginning got lost at the end... i needed a song with that power and yours was the only with a little of it innit so... =\ pitty and im sorry but after all it suits well I guess...

^^ thanks again for your advice, I've used it with for the flash im gonna put up tonight if you wana c it, it will be sumthing with simon innit or flappy i dont know rly... O rly? Ya rly!

Eye alien! Eye alien!

Rated 3 / 5 stars


That was hard to realise that was your chin. I dont know how you made the eye blink though. Still i thought it was funny in a weird kind of way. You cant really say anything else about it.